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Boceto de Ingeniero Mecánico

Advice to General Directors and Area Directors to increase competitiveness in an accelerated way

Sol D'antin has extensive experience advising Directors, owners, being part of the Board of Directors of business firms that manage personnel of AAA international brands in different parts of the world.


Additional services carried out by my staff

The training by position is carried out through a television channel on the Internet and through animated stories with scripts for each company, for each industry and with the characters designed according to the executives or current workers of the company.

reunión de negocios

Life and Career Plans

Annual Plan for Career and Group Personal Goals in which weekly group coaching is also offered to successfully achieve your goals. 

Analysis of the fingerprint of personal talent and information from cutting-edge specialists in each topic:






Of health

and Transcendence.

Los gráficos

Definition of profitability goals,

productivity quality  and service (30)

The definition of profitability goals offers the possibility that all positions produce and are aware of the resources that it is in their power to generate in each position.

The productivity goals serve so that all positions know the speed of response that the entire value chain requires to comply with


Sending monthly indicators

We send monthly the ranking of the scope of guarantees of productivity, quality, service and profitability of each collaborator in the organization.


Certification exams for each position 

We carry out an annual evaluation according to all the guarantees of productivity, profitability, quality and service in which the occupant of the position demonstrates how to achieve each of their guarantees through an assessment center and a situational examination, as well as with evidence of their own work .

Dando un discurso

Seller Certification by Industry

We carry out an evaluation of your salespeople and compare them with those of your competition, ranking them in the corresponding place according to the skills shown and the goals achieved.

libros verdes

Efficiency benchmarking compared to your 10 competitors

Benchmarking your agency with your 10 main competitors ranking the 10 attributes or fulfilled guarantees 

Los gráficos

Benchmarking wages, compensation and job satisfaction with your 10 competitors

Comparison of salaries and job satisfaction with your top 10 competitors.

Análisis de mercado

Benchmarking your customers' satisfaction with respect to your 10 main competitors

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