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About us

Baldrige Business & Education

40 benefits of our methodology




We are a firm whose mission is to promote the education of companies and organizations in all business areas.

We have agreements with national and international universities and we offer scholarships and discount programs to different productive industries.


Our instructors are  independent consultants certified in the Baldrige Model, experts in competitiveness issues. We work with organizations of all sizes in the public and private sectors to advise them to increase their competitiveness and productivity according to international standards.


Our role is to make each person  a world-class micro-organization and each department a high-performance team, sending the director of each area the fulfillment of the guarantees set by each collaborator and displayed on their microsite.


Likewise, and in accordance with international models, we support the company so that all its collaborators have an annual life and career plan that is consistent with their personal goals and the needs of the company.

All our clients are owners of their information ALWAYS and we do not disclose names, companies or numbers of the organizations in which we work, nor do we use their information other than that agreed in the contract.

We have worked with organizations from various countries such as the United States, Canada, Switzerland, Finland and Japan.


All of our consultants are certified as auditors of quality and competitiveness at an international level.