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Director of Training and Development 


Mission: Make the collaborators of our clients  are competent and well paid compared  with the national and international market, and at the same time, that she is satisfied with her professional life.

Vision: To be recognized worldwide as the consulting firm that helps increase competitiveness and customer satisfaction at the highest levels.

Competitive advantage as a professional:


I am not only committed to complying with HR's own operations, but I am also responsible for ensuring that the people in this company achieve their goals of productivity, quality, service and innovation.

Guarantees that I offer for Training and Development

Weighting 10 points.

1. Train people in their position before entering the company.

2. Train according to the performance evaluation monthly until the deviations in the evaluations are corrected. Points 5

3. That the trained persons regularize their performance no later than 30 days after being trained. Points 2

4. Offer the company online and face-to-face training content updated monthly and compared with relevant content at an international level, offering comparative information.2

5. Have our 24-hour television and radio training system in the relevant workplaces so that all the time and by all means the knowledge learned can be reinforced.

Points: 1


Productivity in time or money
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Daniela bulmann

Guarantees of  Development Executive


Execute a development program in which people know the steps they can follow upwards or laterally in the organization chart, forming micro-entrepreneurs from their own work areas.2,5

Have a clear, challenging, ambitious, achievable ladder for each position in the organization of 100% of the positions in the organization.2,5

conduct monthly training courses to follow up on development plans by position.2,5

Have a clear, challenging, ambitious, achievable ladder for each position in the organization, developing in parallel each employee as a highly trained microentrepreneur in their own position.2,5


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Roberto Laos

Compensation Executive Guarantees


To have the smartest compensation scheme in the world in our industry, taking advantage of all the resources we have to compensate staff and encouraging everyone to reach their goals at more than 100% of their own mutual.2,5

Offer a compensation system that truly reflects the performance, effort and effectiveness of each person.2,5

Offer our collaborators the greatest number of benefits compared to the competition and to companies of the same size.2,5

Create internal incentive pockets for extraordinary performances.2,5

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Proven Competitiveness

Recognition in Media

Alfredo Cervera interviewed me for Merca 2.0 in which I was recognized by a leading magazine in marketing and advertising information for my work with the Nestlé Brands, Colgate,  Mattel, Schering, Aldo Conti, etc.  Merca2.0   

Articles of mine have also published: Notimex, Starmedia, El Universal, Reforma, Yahoo News and Business Portal among others.

Net Profit Increases


Inter-Med (4,000 employees). We had an increase from 6% to 24.9% in profit in 9 months in one business unit. Lic. Ab  Monroy, Partner and Managing Director.

Homologation of Functions


I worked with the Corporate Director of Human Resources for Latin America, Lic. Edmundo Castellanos, standardizing the criteria of productivity, quality and service of the positions in order to standardize them in Latin America.

360 degree testimonials
National Science and Technology Award
  • "The domain that Sol has to design systems of  quality oriented  Profitability and the multiplier effect of each instrument in its systems,  They make me recommend it to all leading companies that seek Total Quality and the integral development of their personnel. "Salvador Cañez: National Award for Science and Technology.

Salvador Cañez


"Sol has proven to be a strong and ambitious professional, during her work she has faced challenges with confidence and efficiency, her participation in World Bank projects has been from the identification, the negotiation with the international financial organizations, as well as the implementation progress of the projects in Mexico Miguel Siliceo, Deputy General Director of Finance, Bancomext.

Lic. Miguel Siliceo


"Sol is an example of talent, courage and persistence, as well as one of my best students in 20 years of teaching, therefore, I invited her at the time to work with us and I had the pleasure of recommending her for her graduate studies in the United Kingdom and being one of its advisers in its research project, Former Undersecretary of Ecology and Environment, Advisor to Grupo México

Francisco Giner



  • "Master's talent and performance  to teach and at the same time earn the respect, trust and admiration of the trainees has been one of the most exceptional evaluated by our University. "The Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools"  (98/100).  Dr. José F. Lainez, Academic Coordinator of Administration, Universidad de las Américas.