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Sol D'antin

Al D'Antin

Facts and Results

Why we really are the best

Because we tell you FACTS not words ...

All the brands of outsourcing of personnel and human resources say the same thing: that they are the best because they are in 100 countries, or because they give many benefits to their collaborators that they say that nobody else gives.  

The truth is that it is NOT true that because a company has a presence in 100 countries it gives you the best value offer, not because it is European or even because it is Mexican that it has any added value.


We think that you are smart, that you deserve the truth and not trite and misleading sales pitches.   and that WE are the ones who have  the obligation to SHOW YOU why our value offering is the BEST for you  in terms of the short, medium and long term.


Human Resources services are generally used for two cases:

1) Cover a need for personnel that the company is not able to satisfy due to its daily operation.

2) To optimize personnel costs.

The reality of Human Capital companies is that most of them seek to give prices as low as possible, favoring volume, and make alliances with service providers to give them many more benefits than competitors.


In reality, what a company is acquiring by hiring a human capital company ARE RESULTS IN ITS OPERATION BY THAT HUMAN RESOURCE .

Where are the results of the people that these companies hire?

Is it true that a tax audit guarantees that each employee hired through them is growing? How do we objectively know that you are satisfied? How do we know that it is more competitive than its counterparts in the market?  Are those private data of each company? Or is it an inefficiency that the market continues to accept?

We are going to give you 200 guarantees that NOBODY else offers you, with samples of the results of our collaborators

Check the 200 competitive advantages
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National Science and Technology Award
  • The domain that Sol has to design systems of  quality oriented  Profitability and the multiplier effect of each instrument in its systems,  They make me recommend it to all leading companies that seek Total Quality and the integral development of their staff.

Salvador Cañez

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2.3 Personnel

The high organizational performance is supported by the personnel; it is achieved to
through operational efficiency, productivity, continuous improvement and innovation
and, have their origin in the work systems of the organization that are
characterized by the approach to integration, development, motivation and
staff involvement.
2.3.1 Strategic Personnel Planning
• How is the personnel strategy aligned to the organizational challenges and strategies?
• How are the needs derived from the strategic plan integrated to shape the
staff strategies?
• In what way is the implementation of the strategic personnel plan evaluated to carry out the
adjustments that are required?
2.3.2 Work System11
• What mechanisms exist to stimulate participation, improvement
continuous and individual and group innovation?
• How do you maintain staff motivation to participate and contribute to the
• How is the work system evaluated to ensure that the conditions leading to the
participation and involvement are maintained and improved?

All Rights Reserved, total or partial reproduction is prohibited.


2.3.3 Staff Development
• How are the needs for the development of new competencies derived from the
strategies of the organization, to integrate the plan of development of personnel competencies?
• What tools are used to assess the level of staff competencies and carry out
the adjustments that are required to respond as planned?
• What criteria are used to integrate the career plans of the staff, what follow-up is
gives them and what results have been achieved?
• How does the impact of staff development correlate with the results achieved?
by the company? 12
2.3.4 Work Environment
• What mechanisms are used to maintain a positive work environment and at the same time
flexible time to make the changes that the organization's strategies require? 13
• What programs do you have to preventively ensure safety and hygiene?
on the premises, develop the awareness and competencies required for the job
safe on staff?
• How is staff satisfaction with the work environment measured and what actions are taken?
pose to improve it continuously?
2.3.5 Recognition and Reward
• How does the organization recognize achievements and innovative initiatives both
individual as well as group staff?
• How does the company ensure that reward levels are fair, equitable, and
according to market practices?
• How are recognition and reward systems improved?


sol abrigo seria.jpg

Sol is an example of talent, courage and persistence, as well as one of my best students in 20 years of teaching, therefore, I invited her at the time to work with us and I had the pleasure of recommending her for her postgraduate studies in the UK and to be one of its advisers on its research project.

Francisco Giner

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