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Competitiveness Studies

At the client's request, a comparison is also made between the functions and standards of each department of your company with reference to the standards of the International Competitiveness Models.

Example of a Competitiveness Model by Industry with which the competitiveness of each of its organizational areas is contrasted.

Example of a sectoral market study with projections after 2016

1.- Determination of a unique competitive advantage for your company that is significant for your market and possible with your installed capacity.


2.- Sales Outsourcing.  We sell for you for a fixed amount to cover costs and a percentage of profits according to reconciled tables.  previously by both parties.



3. Comparison of your Company with  Your Top 10 Competitors


3.1.  Market Study of its 10 main competitors

It includes a study of the products or services offered by the competition compared to those of the consulting company.


3.2. Prices according to industry.


3.3 Industries with which more business is done.


3.4. Industries and schemes that offer higher profit margins.


3.5. Payment and credit conditions according to industry.


3.6. Personnel Strategies - Top 7 Positions and Success Strategies for Each Company and the Common Denominator in the Industry.


3.7. Evaluation of your sales presentation  Strengths, Weaknesses

Opportunities and Threats of each competitor.


3.8. Salaries and Commissions offered


3.9. Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of each of the top 10 competitors compared to what the market demands.


3.10. Testimonials  of your competitors' clients, comparative satisfaction indexes of users who have used your services and those of your competitors.


3.11. Objective evidence of the legality of the information and the veracity of the data provided.


3. 12. More than 50 pages of this report containing strategic information on your market in Mexico,  Latin America and the world.

Sector projection of the Pharmaceutical industry until 2024

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